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Cannoli Siciliani

Like the seasons, Mannino's Cannoli Express offers different kind of cannoli throughout the months. Our Sicilian Vanilla and Original Chocolate Chip Cannoli are an all year round availability.

September- November

During Fall, our Pumpkin Cannoli is quite popular. Fresh pumpkin is prepped with cinnamon, whole cloves, all spice and then roasted until golden and soft. We then puree the pumpkin and then fold it into our vanilla ricotta mixture. 

As well as our delicious pumpkin cannoli we also offer an Eggnog, Gingerbread, and Mint Chocolate Chip Cannoli during the winter months. These will be sure to warm you right up!


During Spring and Summer we offer our Fresh Blueberry Cannoli, Peachy Peach and Nutella Cannoli.

They will be sure to knock you right out of your seat. With fresh Hammonton blueberries and peaches, what else could you ask for? 

Specialty & Gourmet Cannoli

Birthday Cake Cannoli

A party in your mouth!

Maple Bourbon Bacon

Yes, bacon + maple + bouron = a Mannino's cannoli to make you want to come back for more!


The perfect blend to get your day started. Fresh brewed espresso added to our vanilla base.


A favorite by many, fresh figs to compliment our vanilla ricotta base.

Rum Raisin

A fall time favorite, this cannoli features golden and dark raisins with a splash of rum.


Vanilla base blended with butterscotch chips.